Mistura Pura - Mah Wah Funk b/w Love Is Full Of Colours (7")

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Mistura Pura - Mah Wah Funk b/w Love Is Full Of Colours (7")

Label: Ubiquity Records
Catalog #: UR417
Format: 7"

'Mah Wah Funk' and 'Love is Full Of Colours' brings their own clear message that has always characterized my being: civil rights, love as an element of union and growth between people, even of the same sex. The two songs are structured in a different way from what has been done before: first of all there is the absence of the band that accompanied me on the previous albums, with the exception of some ‘spot’ presence by some musician. They are two vastly different songs but representative of my taste born mainly on the computer at my home. Once I went to the recording studio I chose to have Marco Lovato for the first time in the role musician on guitar and bass, who has always been the sound-engineer of my works, taking care of them in every aspect of the sound and mixing. The guitar riffs that he spontaneously generated, following what I had elaborated in the file. It literally enchanted and surprised me because I didn't know his funk musician side before, with echoes that reminded me of 'Wah Wah Watson', to the point that I didn't give him other ideas or further directions. He embraced the guitar, then the bass and the groove came out as it sounds in the song: in Italy we usually say 'buona la prima" (as "the first take is good"). There are those spells that come out only once and in five minutes the instrumental part was practically ready to the point that I put the headphones on my head and pushed myself in front of the microphone improvising a text in English, Italian and Portuguese. I was back from the airing of the documentary 'Summer Of Soul' and this thing totally influenced my conscience and free improvisation in the text. The result is a song of devotion and exultation to the 70s funk genre ("Addicted you! Addicted Me!" we are all addicted by funk, we can feel it. I feel it.). As is the practice every time I get to work, when I feel that the piece take its form I let it decant like wine in the barrels. I listen to it endlessly. I think about what is missing, I think about what needs to be removed... The pianist Alberto Napolioni arrived to enrich and complete the arrangements, here at the synth, with his spectacular seventies electric jazz improvisations. ”Musica di plastica, tempo digitale, elettrizziamo il funky, balliamo questo funk!” (it means: “plastic music, digital time, let’s electrify the funk, let’s dance this funk!) it's a sort of denunciation to the contemporary Pop and Dance that most radio networks worldwide play on air and requested at clubs. I'm totally devastated by the plastic music that doesn't make me dance and that brought the new generations away from the hot groove from the '70s. "Love Is Full Of Colours" turns to Brazil this time more electric but jazzy and this thanks to the presence of Alberto Napolioni on the synth and Carlo Nicita on the flute. I built and decomposed a drum file until I generated a cosmic fragment that somehow always brings me back to the magical place with such a vast rhythm for which I have always felt a strong sense of belonging. So feel free to love and lead your life in the way you truly mean it. Respect the differences and feel the funk. Fearless.

Love and Peace, Federica