Ursula 1000 - Galleria (CD)

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Ursula 1000 - Galleria (CD)

The Connection: Ursula 1000's newest album features Basement Freaks whose "All That Funk!" and "Calling The Jams" are on Boogieburg Recordings 7" vinyl release # BBRG-002.
Artist: Ursula 1000
Title: Galleria
Label: Insect Queen Music
Format: CD
01: Galleria
02: Chess King
03: Fiorucci ft. Dalila Pasotti
04: The Love Arcade
05: Cafecito
06: We Go High ft. Tee Double
07: I Just Came 2 Dance
08: Just Between Us ft. Most Golden
09: Saturday Boogie ft. Basement Freaks
10: Stand Up Straight ft. Sal P from Liquid Liquid
11: Feel It
12: Neon Palms
13: Up The Down Escalator